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Do these sound familiar?

"I feel so unorganized, what work do I need to prioritize next."

“I’m not sure how to set this up for my business.”

“I don’t have the time to set up and figure it all out on my own.”

“My team isn’t using the tool as much as I’d like.”

“I'm already using ClickUp but feel like I don’t get the most out of it.”

“I would like to automate more of my workflows.”


"I don't know how to connect ClickUp to other tools"

Thought they might. No worries, we can help. 

Why ClickUp?


Save Time

Our goal with configuring ClickUp is that you and your team spend less time sharing status updates, meeting to discuss next steps or searching for important information. Resulting in more time to focus on doing what you love.

Save Money

It is difficult to say exactly how much financial return you'll see by improving your processes by using ClickUp, but consider the following. Take a 10 person team, saving half an hour of time per day means saving your business almost $25,000 USD a year, based on average salaries. Improving the efficiency of your company could directly impact your bottom line.

Improved Productivity

We refer to it as 'being in the know'. By setting up ClickUp to make sure the people in your company know what they need to do by when. Using tasks, automations, notifications, and dashboards to keep your team focused on the priority items for your company while always 'being in the know'.

Less Mistakes

Missing deadlines, losing to-do lists, out of the loop on project statuses. You may have experienced that before, possibly as you read this right now. By working with us, we help configure ClickUp using best practices so your company can avoid costly mistakes.

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